Wednesday 24 October 2012

LBT Entrance

Wire faces sited on the Pillars and the back wall at the entrance to the Lawrence Batley Theatre

Monday 23 July 2012

Copper Dragon.

Here's my Copper Dragon for 'The Taste of Host' Exhibition at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
His name is 'Idris'.

Thursday 23 February 2012

Visitors at the Lawrence Batley Theatre

One of the nice things about being one of the Artists in Residence at the Lawrence Batley Theatre is the number of visitors, both groups and individuals, who call in at our workspace. As I am there most days except Tuesdays, I have the pleasure of discussing the work in progress.
16th Feb - Christine ( a partially sighted lady) was very interested in my work with wire and we had an impromptu 'hands on' session. She especially enjoyed the feel of the material. Would it be a good idea to organise a visit for the visually impaired? She had been directed to the workspace by Box Office but still had difficulty in finding her way. This has been mentioned by other visitors.
17th Feb - A junior school group, having an official tour of the LBT were very impressed to meet a 'real' artist and asked various questions about the length of time required to create a piece and which piece had taken the longest etc. The teacher was very enthusiastic about my ways of working and said she would take it back to the classroom. Anna's work intrigued them and the children picked up on her imaginary characters within recognisable areas of the LBT.
22nd Feb - Another school party - shown around by Lee. They were interested in all the work on show by all the Artists and asked lots of questions. I was pleased to give them a mini tour and hopefully explain what was going on. I gave them a quick tutorial in working with wire and again they were looking forward to trying it themselves, back at school.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Chocolate Labrador (Miniature) in Wire.

This is not a new material for me but a new way of working - as yet this is work in progress. This is small-tight-intricate work only about 3 inches high.